Solar Floating 

Innovation on water

Solar Floating

Water and sun is the future for renewable energy. Why? Land is economically overpriced and this makes the current destination less interesting.
Water provides a clever double function in the current destination plan, ensuring higher efficiency in kWh production by cooling the water and directly improves water quality.

Innovation projects

Team Wattco has done a lot of research in recent years and applies smart innovation to sun on water and combines smart technologies and energy infrastructures. We are currently developing a number of solar floating projects with various clients or through our own innovation solar floating lab with Team Wattco.

Financing or rental?

In recent years, we have developed a high standard of quality and Hydrolio is certified worldwide. We can offer financing for corporate clients with our existing network in the form of an ESCO (Energy Service Company or Lease). Do you want to run a pilot and immediately experience sunshine on water? Then we have our own rental department.

Do you have a question?

We are happy to assist you.

Want to see what the possibilities are with solar floating
and therefore a customized advice or would you like to develop with this innovation
and build, you can contact Team Wattco
and make an appointment with our water experts.

Team Wattco

Team Wattco

What does team Wattco do?

Personal advice

Customized to the smallest detail, with our special software or 3D depth sonar we can deliver customized.

Assembly installation

Team Wattco has been trained for installations on the water and qualified with safe working at offshore level.

Hydrelio (lego system)

Hydrelio is a standardized system, scalable, and highly applicable to many water areas.


Hydrelio is certified, due to its quality class. We have a network of banks and investors.

Project management

Team Wattco has a number of specialists at home, such as project, medium, road and water engineering and offshore specialists.


Monitoring allows us to monitor the system 24/7 and to read out possible malfunctions. Energy control is also an option.

Solar floating Lab (Showroom)

We have the hydrology system and the different innovations in our
showroom and you can get the quality and proven innovation
show by appointment. In addition, you can visit 2 water sites in the field where we have solar floating.

Visiting address

Maasdijk, 2676 LV, Honderdland 308
Opening hours 8:30 - 17.00